Research & Development

In HA Ilarduya, we count with many years of experience developing products for the foundry industry and advising our customers for their best use and results.

To give the best answer to our customers, we offer the latest technology that is provided by the German group Hüttenes Albertus, with a strong R & D team that conducts systematic research and continuous development.

In HA Ilarduya, we also have our own Department of R & D, which regularly collaborates with universities and technology centers, and participate in ambitious projects to improve our products and to find new applications.

In this line, we have developed technologically advanced products such as cold box resins, based on organic solvents.

In the field of No-bake furan resins,  new systems have been developed that allows reducing the incorporation of sulfur into the sand and reduces also the emissions to the environment of both Formaldehyde and Furfuryl Alcohol


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