The Telefeeder (Teleskop-Speiser®) is a system patented by CHEMEX , a wholly-owned affiliate of Hüttenes-Albertus as an alternative to sleeves and feeders with brake core.

Accordingly, this system avoids brake core-derived problems. The Telefeeder is made of an exothermics mixture with low (<0,1%) fluorite content avoiding green sand pollution and fisheye surface defects.

Telefeeders are particularly suitable for use in high-pressure moulding systems.

The product is composed of two parts, the upper one being an insert or compact sleeve.

During the casting process and resulting from pressure conditions, the casting system gives and the feeder displaces downwards without any upper or lower break in the telefeeder, which is quite usual with sleeves and feeders in high-pressure systems.

The Telefeeder is placed using a simple steel guide and has a significantly lower volume than conventional insert sleeves.