The adhesives for foundry are used for different applications. HA-Ilarduya has a very wide range of them . The most commonly references used are:

Friocol: Adhesives based on water for cold gluing.

Termocol: Adhesive based on water for heat gluing for precoated sand cores and shells.

Maskenkleber: Adhesives based on thermally curing synthetic resins, these products harden by a reaction analogous to that in the Shell Moulding process, and are particularly suitable for use in hot curing (Hot-Box, Shell Moulding) processes.

Kaltkleber 5988 R: Specialty adhesives based on an aqueous styrene-acrylic emulsion, these products give up water to develop high bonding power, and are suitable for cold bonding sections of polystyrene foam into the patterns used for the lost foam process.

Schnelkleber: These are adhesives that undergo rapid cure due to evaporation of highly volatile solvents.

Fusible resin: Sticks and bars with applicator


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