Cold Box binding systems

HA Ilarduya manufactures and markets all kind of most technologically-advanced cold box binders for foundry sand core shot manufacturing.

Continuous improvement

Hüttenes-Albertus is not content with resting on the laurels of success, but understands research and development as a continuous process.

One of the most recent development goals was to gradually increase the proportion of inorganic constituents in the cold box system. To this end, a new generation of binders on the basis of tetraethyl silicate has been developed.


The results are:

  • Compared to the aromatic cold box systems, the carbon content was reduced by 23%.
  • The new generation of cold box binders contributes to further improvement in terms of environmental compatibility and minimization of pollution.
  • Significant progress has also been made as regards the reduction of condensate production and gas pressure.


This new generation of binders is already successfully being used for serial production by a number of aluminium and iron foundries. 


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