Cupola furnace

HA-Ilarduya supplies tailored briquettes for cupola melting enabling smelters a precise component adjustment according to the type of iron to be produced.

Hence, colour-differentiated briquettes are loaded through the furnace throat in the required amount allowing easy handling without any dust generation.




 This system has the following advantages:

  • Accurate dosage, since each briquette contains 1 kg of alloying element.
  • Avoidance of weighing errors. No particle and dust emissions. Easy colour identification.
  • Lower storage requirement needs.
  • High cupola yields.


Silicon briquettes: Silicon plays a key role as a graphitising agent. In addition, it deoxidises iron and increases equivalent carbon thus improving castability and making tooling easier.

Manganese briquettes: Manganese levels sulphur content avoiding iron sulphide formation, harmful for iron castings. In addition, manganese favours a fine grain pearlitic structure.

Chromium briquettes: Chromium is antigrafitising and grain-refining and improves tensile, bending, corrosion and wear strength, amongst others. Addition of 1-2% significantly improves heat resistance.

Silicon carbide briquettes: They incorporate both carbon and silicon. This product allows a better batch steel use. It is a good deoxidising agent that improves castability and castings easier tooling.

Phosphorus briquettes: They improve liquid iron castability and wear strength. Excessive dosage can lead to castings brittleness.

Fluor Spar briquettes: When added to the cupola furnace they desulphurate, fluidise the slag and improve iron casting temperature. Addition of 1-2% of total metal load is recommended.


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