Electric furnace and ladle

HA-Ilarduya provides any conventional or noble alloy for electric furnace or casting ladle direct injection in iron and steel production.

Ferroalloys are supplied in bulk, 50 kg bags or in specially calibrated mini-bags with 0,5 kg of alloying element.

Elements incorporated in ferroalloys allow modifications in iron properties.


Ferrosilicon: Silicon favours casting carbon graphitisation. It provokes iron deoxidation and seeds, refines and orients graphite precipitation so casting mechanical properties are enhanced and vertices whitening is minimised.

Ferromanganese: This ferroalloy allows casting desulphuration and pearlitisation and increases tensile strength and Brinell hardness.

Ferrochromium: Antigraphitisation ferroalloy that refines particles and improves tensile, bending, corrosion or wear strength. Additivation of 1-2% significantly enhances heat resistance.

Copper: When incorporated in a ferroalloy, it refines the grain providing a pearlitic structure. In addition, it enhances tensile strength and hardness, providing homogeneus casting hardness.

Ferromolibdenum: It substantially increases tensile strength. In addition, it provides toughness, considerable hardness and high wear strength.

Nickel: Graphitising element allowing highly resistent compact dense castings. It provides homogeneous mechanical properties throughout the full casting depth and improves castings tooling.

Graphite and recarburants: Additives increasing casting carbon.


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