Hot Box binding systems

The traditional Hot-Box process has proven its reliabilty since more than 40 years.

The Hot Box binding process is a temperature-dependant hardening process that consists in introducing or blowing a damp sand mixture (binder + hardener) into a heated (ca. 220┬║C) corebox.

Hot-Box resins for the individual needs of our customers:

Urea resins

Urea resins feature excellent collapse properties for e.g. fittings casting or complex aluminum casting.

The trade name of these urea resins is "Sanset".


Urea-modified furfuryl alcohol resins

A urea resin modified with an amount of FA is used to reach a certain thermal stability. Excellent for aluminum castings and malleable cast iron.

The trade name of these resins are "Thermoset" and "Furesan".


Phenolic resins

Pure phenolic resin with special characteristics:

  • Nitrogen-free
  • low free Formaldehyde
  • very high bending strength levels even after longer core storage periods

The trade name of these resins is Resital®.


Thermoshock process

This process is used e.g. for the manufacture of cores for radiators. The resin is a highly-viscous urea-FA-resin.

  • high green strength of the sand mix
  • high bending strength levels
  • no formation of lustrous carbon 




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