Green moulding

Bentonite: Montmorillonite clay used as green moulding binder.

It binds sand grains together from pressure-driven moulding until casting solidification. Calcium and Sodium grades available.

Coal: Carbonaceous fines material available in different sizes.

It is added to the water, sand and bentonite mixture to form lustrous carbon surface films in copper-based alloys and iron castings.

Due to the skin carbon uptake, it should not be used in steel casting, where magnetites are recommended.

Arebond: Product based on very fine sized silica sand (AFA: 115-120) with special bonding agents (bentonites and mineral oil).

It is delivered ready for use. Just a 5 mm layer of the product is used as contact sand for precision and artistic works with non-ferric alloys reaching an extraordinary finish with minimal tolerance.

Plastibond: Pre-gelled corn starch powder added to green moulding mixtures (0,5-1%).

This additive improves the mould green strength, plasticity and permeability.

Furthermore, it presents high water retention, especially helpful for moulds where pouring and melting take long time. About 2% of bentonite dosage savings are possible by using this additive.

Albanex: Additive significantly decreasing scabbing defects formation. 


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