As a leading manufacturer of synthetic resin binders for foundry, HA-Ilarduya has developed the no-bake resin system for the manufacture of molds and cores during decades.

The introduction of these processes half a century ago, was undoubtedly one of the greatest advances in the foundry industry.

Through ongoing research and development, Hüttenes-Albertus has been able to support its customers with systems that not only meet the current standards but also take the foundries into the future.


Hüttenes -Albertus, currently offers different types of furan resins, which can be divided into the following families:

Phenol-Furan resins, of medium content of Furfuryl Alcohol (FA).

Pure furan resins with medium to high content in FA.

Very highly reactive resins that allow very low-sulfur catalysts.

Environmentally advanced resins which decrease FA and formaldehyde emissions during curing of the molds.

Resins Free of FA.


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