No-bake moulding

Sinoterm: High mechanical strength environmental-friendly furan resin based on Hüttenes Albertus technology and enabling high resistance with low binder addition. Its application ranges from authomatic fast hardening tasks to longer useful life more sophisticated works. Low nitrogen and low sulphur resins have been developed for steel and high quality nodular iron casting, respectively.

Sinoterm NS: Alkaline phenolic resin mainly used in the steel industry. This nitrogen and sulphur-free system shows low emission levels during moulding, casting and hardening. Furthermore, it allows easy mould release, avoids recarburation problems in steel pieces and presents low heat cracking trends.

Pentex: Phenolic Urethane reactive system allowing high yields in short and medium series steel and aluminium castings. Low binder addition levels provide very good strengths with short curing times but quite lengthy sand bench life. Furthermore, the system shows good demoulding properties, low odour nuisance and provides good surfaces in steel casting. This sulphur and phosphorous-free system is environmentally friendly thanks to the use of new solvents. 


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