Refractory coatings

Refractory coating is the "technical" term used in the foundry industry to describe the paintings. Its main objective is to obtain high-quality casting pieces and good surface appearance.

Finely milled refractory materials and highly fireproof substances are used as base materials for such coatings.

The coating layer insulates the underlying material and protects it from the thermal stress caused by the molten metal. Initially coatings of very simple composition, these materials have developed into complex compounds containing different ingredients developed for most different applications.

Coatings for all applications

As one of the world’s largest suppliers of foundry chemical products, Hüttenes-Albertus offers coatings for every application. At present, over 100 different products are on the production range, and their properties are tailored to our customers’ needs.

As moulding sand binders are in a process of constant development, coatings must follow and adapt to the changes. This is made possible by new raw materials which are tried and tested and adapted in an ongoing process of development.

Surface optimization with latest technology

  • uniform layer design,
  • stability of processing,
  • controlled rheological properties,
  • controlled gas permeability,
  • clean castings.


HA-Ilarduya, using Hüttenes-Albertus technology, has a vast refractory coatings offer for any application. Marketed coatings match the required application system (brush, dump, spray, dip) and are delivered as concentrates (paste) or diluted fulfiling the client's requirements. Different solvents, such as water or isopropanol, may be used depending on the refractory materials composition.


In this respect, the continuous evolution of moulding sand binders needs a parallel adaptation of refractory coatings to cope with changing situations and demands, which is made possible by the use of new raw materials that are unceasingly tested and adapted.

Our products offer covers the following items:

  • Zircolite: Zirconium (ZrSiO4)-based coating for mass iron and steel casting.
  • Koldur: Alcohol-based graphite coating for iron jobbing.
  • Arkopal: Aluminium silicate-based aqueous coating for the automotive industry.
  • Arkofix and Koalid: Alcohol-based coatings for the automotive industry.
  • Arkofluid: Alcohol-based coating for high quality nodular iron casting.
  • Magnefluid: Magnesite alcoholic coating for manganese steel casting.
  • Disopast: Water-based coating for polyestirene moulds.


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