Chomite Sand

Chromite sand is used for its high thermal resistance, fast chilling capacity and resistance to liquid metal penetration.

Its thermal expansion is uniform and clearly lower than that of silica sand thus finning problems are minimised.

Chromite sand is provided with a size of 45 - 65 AFA and a typical composition of Cr2O3: 46%, FeO: 27%, Al2O3: 15% and MgO:10%.

It is compatible with all binding systems and steel castings, being specially appropriate for chromium, chromium-nickel and manganese steel casting.

When compared to silica sand, it is less reactive with MnO thus calcination problems are reduced. 


The chromite sand is compatible with all chemical processes for molds and cores. Currently large amounts of chromite sand are used in the foundry industry for the manufacture of molds and cores.

Chromite Sand is applicable to all types of steels and very appropriate for parts of chrome, chrome-nickel, manganese steel.

The Chromite Sand, has the advantage over silica sand that is less reactive with the manganese oxide, reducing, thus, the calcination problems.


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