Olivine Sand

Olivine special sand is available in different sizes and is particularly appropriate for mould and coremaking.

Its inherent alkalinity makes it applicable in manganese steel casting, being less reactive with MnO than silica sand.


Olivine sand thermal expansion is lower than that of silica sand and its high thermal shock resistance furthermore reduces sand expansion problems.


Foundry quality is supplied with 50–60 AFA size and typical composition is MgO: 48%, SiO2: 41% and Fe2O3: 8%.

Granulated olivine of 2-6 mm is used in the iron and steel industry as taphole filler in bottom (EBT and OBT) and lateral electric furnaces.

SiO2 in sand is not free but combined as magnesium orthosilicate (Mg2SiO4) which ensures minimal steel silicon uptake.

Olivine sand with 100–120 AFA size is used as raw material in the refractory industry for gunite manufacturing ultimately applied in the iron and steel industry.


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